Voxels is an interactive application based on motion sensing technology that forms a representation of the user out of cubic volume elements- voxels. The user can change the size and color of voxels by activating hot areas within physical space.
Particles is a 2d graphics video game based on hand movement. Players have to create attenuated rectangles using their hands, in order to direct a continuous particle flow inside a vessel.

Chatzitryfonos Paschalis
Creative Media
Portfolio 2015-2017

Sensual Lumina is a wearable electronics project, that consists of a garment that incorporates a series of LEDs and touch sensors connected to a microcontroller.



Liminal is an interactive audiovisual composition that was developed within the Transmedia Labworks: Elektra of the National Greek Opera in 2018
Wave is an interactive installation presenting wave-like visuals, that users can modify and control by moving their hands freely.


Sensual Lumina


Soundscape is an interactive sound installation based on motion detection technology. Users can move around in an empty space, where they activate invisible "hot areas" and trigger sound signals that reffer to a natural environment that is not visible and can only be perceived through audition.


Solar travel is an interactive installation generating visual content inspired by space travel. The visuals are linked to users position within physical space, revealing new space journeys as the user moves around.

Solar Travel

Particle Pacman

Particle pacman is a video game based on hand movement. Player controls a moving flock by moving his/her hand and is either running away or running after enemy flocks.


In the blob game the player has to collect the colorfull shapes dropping from the top of the screen, using the outline of his/her figure as it is captured by the kinect motion sensor.


Bubbles is an augmented reality video game, in which players use their hands to blast virtual bubbles that appear in a representation of their physical surrounding.