Blob is a video game where the player has to collect the colorfull shapes dropping from the top of the screen, using the outline of his/her figure.

#NaturalUserinterface #MotionDetection #MicrosoftKinect #Box2d-PhysicsEngine #VideoGame

The idea for this game started out from an online tutorial of Amnon Owed . Using Microft Kinect the digital system creates an outline of the user's figure. The same time multiple colorfull shapes drop from the top of the screen. Users can interact with these shapes, just by moving, as they can collect or push away the shapes with their digital represenation. After developing a version of my own, I turned this application into a simple fun game. The goal is rather simple, - players have to collect as many shapes as possible and push them out of a moving portal that transfers these shapes into a tank positioned in another frame. The player has to fill the tank, his final score equals to the number of the collected shapes.