Bubbles is an augmented reality video game, in which players have to blast as many bubbles as possible. The bubbles are 2d graphics augmented inside a representation of the players physical surrounding as it is captured by a rgb camera.

#NaturalUserinterface #HandMovement #MicrosoftKinect #AugmentedReality #VideoGame

At first the player will see himself/herself on the computer screen. This representation is captured by the rgb camera of microsoft kinect. As soon as the player has been tracked by the digital system, bubbles emerge inside the representation of the room and start growing in size. These bubbles are not just graphics pasted on top of the image captured by the camera. Instead they seem to be augmented in physical space, some of them being drawn behind the player, while others appearing in front of him/her filling the room with thick foam.
The player has to move back and forth as fast as possible and use his/her hands to blast the bubbles as they develope, before they reach their maximum size and stick permanently in the room. The player s score equals to the number of bubbles popped in the available playtime.