I' ve been painting, sketching and doodling since I was a child. Over the last five years I have been learning to use digital technology as a design and communicatoin tool.

I really enjoy creative coding. Sometimes it's just about fun visuals that look cool, but coding can also be a stimulating medium for self expression.

Creative Media

Graphic Design

Many of my projects focus on human computer interaction. I'm especially interested in mixed reality environments, where digital and physical seem to diffuse into one another. Video games and installations allow me to explore this convergence.

Illustration and graphic design projects always get me excited, as it is a great way to be creative in terms of aethetics and visual context.

I 'm quite new with electronics and only had my hands on a few Arduino projects. But I'm quite old on DIY projects, which you can find all over my house, filling in for something that broke.

This is me :-)
I'm always looking for new exciting projects and creative people to work with. If you wanna do something together, you can send me an emai. It's right there on the footer of the page.

Electronics- DIY

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My growing interest in electronics derives from the fact that it allows me to develop my own interactive objects that have both, a physical and a digital substance.