Mosaic is a game where a player has to use his hands to fish small shapes out of a pool of black and red polygons and use them to create a mosaic.

#NaturalUserinterface #HandMovement #MicrosoftKinect #Box2d-PhysicsEngine

The game seems like a creative application that evokes the tangram puzzle, but also involves certain challenges. The player uses his/her hands to fish a polygon out of the pool in the bottom, but eachhand can only fetch polygons of a certain color- either red or black. Among the polygons are some motor-revolrlving objects that stir the polygon pieces, while constantly switching theis color between black and red, making it more challenging for the player to fish a new piece and add it on the mosaic on the upper side of the window.

The game is over when almost all polygons have been pulled out of the pool and placed on the top forming a black and red composition of shapes.