Particle Pacman

Particle pacman is a game based on hand movement thta was developed in 2015 =, as part of the kinect projects thta had been the core of my final thesis.
The game consists of a red flock of particles that the user controls by moving his/her hand and three gray enemy flocks.

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The game has a simple scenario, similar to popular video games as pacman, that gamers are familiar with. There are two alternate seasons of hunting, during which the red player flock and the gray enemy flocks switch roles being either prey or hunters.
In "black season" the gray flocks are the hunters, so the player has to move fast to escape them and avoid being caught. In case of contact the player s vitals decrease fastly and unless they break free, the red flock gets devoured. In "white season" the player becomes the hunter, trying to catch and extinguish the gray flocks, which move fast to avoid any contact.
Hunting seasons switch repeatedly without any warning until there is only one winner.