Particles is a 2d graphic video game in which a single player interacts with the machine through hand movement. Using their hands, players can create objects that appear on screen and interact with other 2d moving objects.

#NaturalUserinterface #HandMovement #MicrosoftKinect #Particles

Small particles are continuously moving downward dropping like rain. The player has to create several obstacles, in order to direct the particle flow to the lower right corner of the window, where a vessel exists. To create this obstacles the player has to extend both arms and catch with each hand one of the few floating circle shaped objects that are moving around the screen. Once they catch one with each hand a long rectangle appears from one hand all the way to the other. The player can create several of those attenuated rectangles to direct the particles towards the vessel, but those rectangles only have limited lifetime, so new ones have to be created to replace the ones that vanish after a short amount of time

The goal is to load the vessel with as many particles as possible in the available playtime.