SensoLumina is a wearable electronics project, that consists of a garment that incorporates a series of LEDs and touch sensors connected to a microcontroller.

#WearableElectronics #Arduino #NeoPixels #LED #RecyclableMaterial

The “SensoLumina” project that envisions the expansion of human nervous system to enable meta-humans to alter their visual appearance by emitting colorful light. The project is inspired by the ability of nautical creatures to use bioluminescence, as a silent, visual language, in order to repel predators, lure prey or attract a mate. Through the augmentation of digi- luminescence meta-humans are enabled of visual emotional communication within the physical space they reside in. The SensoLumina dress emits colorful lights that can induce pleasurable sensations, attract and invite to physical contact. Touch sensors, integrated on the surface of the dress, allow the detection and transmission of signals, that are interpreted as intimacy development, activating new scalable visual stimuli. The project is a collaboration of Chatzitryfonos Paschalis, who designed and implemented the electronic garment and Stefanidou Maria engaging in art performance wearing the garment.