Sensual Lumina

Sensual Lumina is a wearable electronics project, consisting of a garment that incorporates a series of LEDs and touch sensors connected to a microcontroller.
The electronic garment became the creative medium of the "Sensual Lumina" interactive performance.

#WearableElectronics #Arduino #NeoPixels #LED #RecyclableMaterial

The “Sensual Lumina” project envisions the emergence of new post- human species throuh the technological expansion of organic bodies. The performance narrates the life cycle of a meta- biological entity that incorporates organic and engineered compounds. The Sensual Lumina creature was created to induce sentiments of pleasure and sensuality, to attract and invite to physical contact, by radiating colourful light, simulating the bioluminescence function of marine organisms. Physical contact with the creature is interpreted as intimimacy development, activating new visual stimuli.
The new synthetic species were brought to life by Science through the evolution of genetic engineering and artificial intelligence to serve the sophisticated needs of a human society that is no longer present. The Human- Creator, though absent, remains visible through the instincts that He has infused into His creations- their physical momentum in programmed behaviors and functions that naturally manifest. However, the inheritors of the World are called upon to identify themselves by following their own evolutionary course from Genesis to Completion of their genre. The project is a collaboration of Chatzitryfonos Paschalis, who designed and implemented the electronic garment and Stefanidou Maria engaging in art performance wearing the garment.