Solar Travel

Solar travel is a digital installation that presents life visual content inspired by space travel that is generated autonumously as self generated art.

#NaturalUserinterface #MotionDetection #BodyGestures #MicrosoftKinect #Self-generatedArt #Installation

The visuals are built through an algorithm that refers to the users position within physical space. As the user wanders around in the area of the installation specific attributes of the visualization algorithm modify randomly resulting to new visual space journeys.
In addition the installation supports two individual body gestures thta correspond to specific commands.
-Setting both hands wide results to visuals drawn on top of each other. The dense design that emerges looks like an explosion of light color. Repeating the same body gesture restores the previous mode of depiction.
-Raising one hand up allows the user to take a screenshot of the current depiction and print it, to keep as some sort of souvenir card of the short interaction with this digital intstallation.