Soundscape is a sound installation based on motion detection technology. As users move around in the empty space of the installation, that is being monitored by a kinect sensor, they activate "hot areas" resulting to sound stimulus of varying intensity. These sound signals correspond to a natural environment that is not visible but becomes only perceived through audition.
The installation also includes a fan that gets activated when the user enters the hot areas associated with the wind sounds. The fan that is made of a dc motor is controlled with an Arduino Uno. The fan can rotate in both directions and with varying speed. (You can read more about this interactive object in the following link.)

#NaturalUserinterface #MotionDetection #MicrosoftKinect #ArduinoUno #SoundInstallation

Sounds represent water, wind, birds and insects- a small natural environment virtually augmented within physical space.
On a computer or a projection screen, the user can see a representation of himself and the various hot areas that trigger the audio signals, while on different window a waveform is being depicted every time a new audio signal is being trnasmitted.